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Board of Commissioners work session agenda
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4 p.m. June 10 at city hall


L. New business


1. Approval of TEFRA Resolution on Recovery Zone Bonds - DADC Exec Director Charlie Auvermann


2. Approval of changes to the Subdivision Regulations - County Manager Kevin Tanner


3. Approval of Cooperative Agreement between GA Forestry and Dawson County - Tanner


4. Approval of Part Time Community Service Supervisor - Tanner


5. Approval of CHIP Grant Application - Tanner


6. Board Appointment: DFCS Board - Reappointment of Mary Hulsey


7. Board Appointment: Tree Preservation Committee - Appointment of George Lyons


8. County manager report


9. County attorney report


• Anyone wishing to speak at the regular meeting on any of these items must notify the county clerk five days in advance of the scheduled meeting.


• Anyone wishing to speak on a non-agenda item must notify the county clerk within 10 minutes of the start of the voting session.