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Board of Commissioners Regular meeting agenda
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6 p.m. Nov. 18 at city hall


A. Roll call


B. Opening presentation: Mary Lamond - Habitat for Humanity


C. Pledge of Allegiance


D. Announcements


E. Approval of minutes


• Minutes of regular commission meeting from Nov. 4


F. Approval of the agenda


G. Public comment (Three minute limit/person 15 minutes maximum)


• None


H. Alcohol license hearings


1. Consumption of premises - Beer and wine license - Vienna Chen Inc. (Qiu Qun Lin) - d/b/a House of Lin


I. Zoning


1. ZA 10-03 - Ann Sheffield Wilson has submitted a request to rezone 2.236 acres of TMP 115- 059, 060, 062, and 082 from C-CB (Commercial Community Business) to C-HB (Commercial Highway Business). The property is located at the intersection of Hwy. 53 East and War Hill Park Road. 


2. ZA 10-06 - Alan and Mary West have submitted a request to rezone 8.899 acres of TMP 095 045 from RSR (Residential Sub-Rural) to RSRMM (Residential Sub-Rural Manufactured/Moved). The property is located at 92 Norma Road.


J. Public hearings


1. Intention to abandon a portion of Densmore Road West (1st of 1 hearing).


K. Old business


• None


L. New business


2. GA Recreational Trail Program grant application - Park Director Lisa Henson


7. Legacy Link Grant Addendum #1 Contract for the Nutrition Program FY2011


M. Adjournment


N. Public comment


1. Bob Coker: War Hill Road issue


2. Edward C. Jester: Discussion of county department



Note: The Dawson County Board of Commissioners will hold next week’s work session at 4 p.m. Nov. 23 at city hall, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.