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Big Canoe dusts off old study
Officials look for ways to improve community
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Looking for ways to improve their community, Big Canoe leaders plan to revisit a 2006 study that examined the possibility of cityhood.

Carl Deane, vice president of the Big Canoe Homeowners Association, said the study by University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government focused on the possible financial impact of incorporation on the community and Dawson and Pickens counties.

"Since the results of the study, it was turned over the the homeowners association and not much has been done with it since," Deane said.

A committee of board members and community residents plans to meet soon to discuss the matter.

Dick Scharf, board member of the association, said the intent of revisiting the study is not to incorporate but rather to look at ways of alleviating burdens on residents.

"When the initial study was done,  becoming incorporated was a possibility if everything stayed the same," Scharf said.

"Given the economic situation everyone today is facing, we are going to look at details in the study to see if any actions or activities could be taken to lift some burdens off of the residents."

Among the burdens he cited was road maintenance.

Deane said the group has no agenda other than to investigate the pros, cons and possibilities of incorporation.

"This committee was formed to study further what has already been done and to broaden the scope of the concept," he said.

It may then be able to present the homeowners association with ways to improve the community.