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Youth aids seniors
Works toward Eagle Scout rank
Eagle Scout pic
Rob Agan, 17, spent about 33 hours gathering information from those in the community with special medical needs, while working towards his Eagle Scout ranking. Also pictured is Agan’s scout leader, Tom French. - photo by Frank Reddy Dawson Community News

One local young man found a unique way to work toward his Eagle Scout rank, while at the same time helping seniors, shut-ins and those with special needs.


Rob Agan, 17, of Dawson County, spent about 33 hours gathering information from those with special medical needs in the community. The information was given to Dawson County 911 operators in case those individuals need emergency assistance.


Agan, who is a senior at Dawson County High School, said it was an offshoot of a medical information program used by emergency personnel called Vial of Life.


“I incorporated the 911 program with the Vial of Life program,” Agan said. “When you call in, your number goes into their system, and they have your medical information on hand ... so when they arrive on the scene, there aren’t a million questions to ask.”


Agan’s scout leader, Tom French, said: “The premise behind this is that as people age, they forget what their medication is, or they forget what time they took it ... so if something happens to one of them, medical personnel don’t necessarily have the information at their fingertips.


“The idea was to take as much medical information from Vial of Life as we could and upload that into the 911 system, so that EMS has a little bit of information when they arrive,” French added.


French said it’s a unique project, but every Eagle Project is a little different.


“Sometimes the projects complement a scout’s individual personalities,” he said.


Agan, who gathered information from 41 local residents, went to churches around Dawson County to ask if members would like to participate in his project. He helped each on an individual basis.


His mother, Shelley Chambers, said “it was a proud moment” when she learned about Agan’s project plans. “He’s always wanted to help those around him,” she said. “He’s got a good heart.”