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Winners selected in winter art show
5 Art Show pic1
Dawson County High School senior Lora Brown was the first-place winner for her colored pencil drawing of a rooster. - photo by Michele Hester Dawson Community News

DCHS Art 2011 Winter Show winners

Wheel pottery

1st place, Kimberly Wallace
2nd place, Kristi Hyams
Honorable mention, Daniel Hendrix


1st place, Shelby Sage
2nd place, Shelby Sage
3rd place, Brianna Cartwright
Honorable mention, Shelby Sage

Hand-built pottery

1st place, Dani Renfroe
2nd place, Sadie Buytendorp
3rd place, Kevin Spillane
Honorable mention, Courtney Bearden

Painting media

1st place, Shelby Whitaker
2nd place, Selena Le Moon
3rd place, Ivy Grizzle
4th place, Selina Le Moon
Honorable mention, Libby Holder

Acrylic and oil

1st place, Allie Dean
2nd place, Allie Dean
Honorable mention, Kristina Ensmer

Colored pencil

1st place, Lora Brown
2nd place, Serenity Kraus
Honorable mention, Lora Brown

Pencil and ink

1st place, Krista Barnicoat
2nd place, Krista Barnicoat
3rd place, Tyler Epp
4th place, Mason Carr
Honorable mention, Krista Barnicoat

Mixed media

1st place, Shelby Sage
2nd place, Shelby Sage
Honorable mention, Shelby Sage

Winners of the Dawson County High School Winter Art Show were announced Friday.

Senior Shelby Sage directed "The City of Ember," a salute to "steampunk," which she describes as "sci-fi in the Victorian Age, where everything ran on steam engines."

Art teacher Chris Gore said he was pleased with the winter show, which was on display last week at the high school, as well as Sage's piece.

"It was really marvelous how she developed the idea after she showed me what she wanted to do," he said. "Shelby did an excellent job leading us into a new territory. I'm very pleased."

Sage said the level of art produced for the show was impressive.

"We have some very powerful pieces," she said.

Most of the works are produced in art class.

"That's the criteria. The students must have one art class to participate in the show," Sage said.

Others are taken home and developed for extra credit.

"We have a lot of amazing work," she said.

Students also produce a spring art show.

"The spring show, which will come out in April, will be directed by Krista Barnicoat," Gore said.