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The Dawson County defendant’s trial would have otherwise started on June 5.
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Wildlife Expedition concludes with awards
I-Art Show results pic1
Show director Katie Goodwin poses in front of the Wildlife Expedition exhibit last week. - photo by Amy French Dawson County News

Art students from Dawson County High School hosted their first ever show in the Performing Arts Center on campus last week.

The show's director Katie Goodwin was pleased with the final product as well as the response from the community.

"It was fun," Goodwin said about her first efforts as director of a show.

Goodwin developed the theme "Wildlife Expedition" for the 2016 winter show and art teacher Jennifer Brinson said that the staff worked beautifully together.

Visitors were able to peruse the work all last week.

"The show was very artistically created," said art teacher Jennifer Brinson. "It was fun seeing Katie Goodwin, the director, design the show using her specific style and watching the show staff add their style, creating their very own genre of choice.

"The art show décor ended up being a modern take on an African safari mixed with traditional African art and styles."

Students were recognized for their work in a number of categories as voted on by several separate groups. Awards were given out during the reception at 6 p.m. on Dec. 9.

For sculpture, April Schlick took first place for "Hammerhead V2." Second place went to Emily Milford for "Salt and Pepper," and third went to Samantha Hafermalz for "Dreamer."

In the ceramics category, Jenna Lancaster won first place for "Slim Thicc." Keylan Steffins took second with "Shells" and Reece Dorsey received third for "Skirted Lady."

In the wheel pottery category, Keylan Steffins was awarded first for "Big Joe," Addison Wasburn got second for "Blonde Amputee" and Samantha Stulgis was third with "You Could Put a Cactus in This."

Painter Amelia Gorski received a first place award for her piece "Rediplier," while second place in painting went to Diana Warren for "Ah-Be." Jessica Huber was third with "Tertiary."

For pens and watercolor, Goodwin took first with "Kickboxer," Emily Diaz was second with "Say Cheese" and Logan Connell received third for "Coming of Age."

"The artwork in itself was some of the most stunning work I have seen in years," Brinson said. "My drawing classes showed so much strength in pen and charcoal. My pottery class showed incredible skill in hand building...This art show contained some of the strongest wheel pottery than all the other shows I have been a part of. I am truly a proud teacher."

In the graphite and charcoal category, the top spot went to Diaz for her work "Summer." Fayth Grogan got second for "Kitty" and Dreams Brown was third with "Snowy Owl."

Winners in the colored pencil, oil pastel and chalk category included: Diana Warren in first place for "A Tribute," Anniston Caldwell in second for "Color of an Eye" and Kaitlynn King in third for "Daydream."

For mixed media, Connell took first with "Adam and Eve." Goodwin won second with "Don't Be Afraid" as well as third place with "Gold."

In digital art, Connell was first with "Flawless," Taylor Anglin received a second place for "Glowing Eyes" and Emma Langley was third with "Waterfall."

In the most original category, Warren won for her 2D work "Attack."

The 3D most original piece was Schlick's "Hammerhead V2."

The alumni, faculty and student 2D choice was Warren's "A Tribute." The 3D choice also given to Schlick for "Hammerhead V2."

Schlick also received the 3D student choice for another piece "The Hand of Glory."

The Bowen Center for the Arts also awarded students in their own categories.

In 3D, Jenna Lancaster won first with "Oh Dear." Steffins was second with "The Trio" and Schlick was third with "Tsskk."

For the 2D Bowen awards, Diaz was first with "Summer," Warren was second with "Caw" and Brown won third with "Snowy Owl."

The Dawson County Woman's Club chose a 2D and 3D winner as well. Diaz won for "Summer" and Schlick for "The Hand of Glory."