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The skys the limit
Riverview kids mark milestone
RVES 100 Days pic1
Students released 100 balloons into the sky last week to commemorate the 100th day of school at Riverview Elementary. - photo by Frank Reddy Dawson Community News

To celebrate the first 100 days of school at Riverview Elementary, students released 100 helium-filled balloons into the sky.


Teachers, faculty and fellow students watched as kindergartners and first graders marched outside with the blue and white orbs, in honor of the school’s colors.


The group counted to 100 in unison, then let the balloons fly.


It was a “milestone,” said Principal Julia Mashburn.


“The first 100 days were an important period of time that we wanted to commemorate,” Mashburn said. “We thought this would be an exciting way to do that.”


Mashburn added that the balloons were made of an environmentally friendly material that would cause no detriment to nature.


Riverview Elementary School opened its doors Aug. 9. School district zones were redrawn in spring to help relieve overcrowding at Robinson Elementary, the district’s most populous school.


Riverview is located on Dawson Forest Road West next to the similarly named middle school.