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Students having a ball
Kilough event a blast
Dodgeball pic
More than 150 showed up for the inaugural mother-son dodgeball tournament at Kilough Elementary School Feb. 4. - photo by Frank Reddy Dawson Community News

In most cases, hurling objects at your mother is a bad idea.


A local event Feb. 4, however, encouraged young boys to take aim.


A packed gymnasium of more than 150 students, teachers and parents cheered on participants of the inaugural mother-son dodge ball tournament at Kilough Elementary School.


Parent Teacher Organization member Adrienne Baker volunteered to help out during the event.


“We’re very excited about this,” said Baker from the sidelines at the event. “It’s a blast for everybody involved.”


Tracy Meritt and son Sam Hoppal said they were excited to attend.


“You hear about father-daughter dances, so I’m glad they wanted to do something for the boys and their moms,” said Meritt, adding: “What better to do than hit their moms with a dodgeball?”


Volunteer referee Lowell Starr said he was “having a great time” at the event, even if his job wasn’t an easy one.


“It’s fun,” Starr said. “You have to make some tough calls though.”


On several occasions throughout the night, Starr was pelted with dodgeballs.


He laughed it off. “This is just awesome,” he said.