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Students enjoy lunch
Fancy-nancy cuisine featured
Crossroads pic
Crossroads students chop lemons Wednesday in preparation for the school’s business luncheon. From left, Cassey Everett, Julie Foster and Megan Jespersen. - photo by Frank Reddy Dawson Community News

Students at Crossroads School treated each other to a nice lunch last week as they took part in an annual work-readiness event put on by school officials.


On Wednesday, female students from the Dawson County alternative school cooked and served their male peers a hearty lunch. Thursday, it was the guys’ turn.


Principal Anthony Guisasola said the annual gathering “helped prepare kids for employment situations.


“What we try to do is help them as much as we can to not feel awkward in social situations that might involve work,” Guisasola said.


He added that some students stood up and spoke at the business luncheon.

“We get them to talk about what they’re doing school-wise and work-wise,” he said. “We feel like it’s a great opportunity for these students all around.”


Surrounded by two dozen classmates, student Megan Jespersen prepared food in the kitchen Wednesday.


“We’re making a fancy-nancy lunch,” Jespersen said, smiling.


On the menu Wednesday?


Lasagna, salad, biscuits and chocolate pound cake.


The exercise taught students the parameters of a working environment, Guisasola said.


“It’s a real-life situation, where they have to learn how to serve, how to work in a kitchen collectively,” he said.


It goes along with the school’s general work-ready theme, he added.


“It’s helping them, so that when they do get out in a work situation, they’re not uncomfortable,” he said.


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