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Student artwork on display
Canvas rugs shown at Bowen Center
Art Center Rugs pic
Dawson County students, from left, Danitza Castillo and Andrew Hinton will have the canvas rugs they created in art class on display at the Bowen Center for the Arts through the end of March. - photo by Photo/Elizabeth Hamilton

A high school art project landed designs of several Dawson County students on display at the Bowen Center for the Arts.


Local students Danitza Castillo, an 11th grader and Andrew Hinton, a 10th grader, presented pieces of artwork to be put on display at the Bowen Center for the Arts last week.


“We are always happy to have local students feature their art here,” said Director Marcia Chelf.


“We like to support these students who are testing their new found art skills, and hope to see more,” she added.


The students made canvas rugs as an art project that coincided with the time period of American history they were studying at the time.


Lauren Hinton, the duo’s teacher, looked for a project that would mean something to the students while they were studying American history.


“At the time we were studying early Americans, what they did and how they lived when they first got here,” Lauren Hinton said.


She said that the students researched the early settlers and discovered that they used the canvas of old sails from the ships as material to make rugs.


Lauren Hinton modifies the art classes she teaches so that the projects relate to what the students are studying in their other classes.


“I am really interested in Chinese art and wanted my rug to have that type of design,” Castillo said. “It took a little over a week to make, but it was a fun project.”


Unsure of what she wants to do after high school, Castillo has an interest in pursing art at the Art Institute of Atlanta or New York.


“I chose to design my rug the way I did because I wanted it to look simple and not complicated,” said Hinton.


Although not claiming to be an artist, he said he enjoyed the project, as well.

The students’ artwork will be on display at the Bowen Center for the Arts until the beginning of March.