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STAR student named
Abe academic beast
4 STAR Student pic2
Abe enjoys playing tennis. To combine her interests in sports and business, she plans to pursue a career in sports marketing at the University of Georgia. - photo by For the Dawson Community News

Jessica Abe set out to earn a good SAT score that would help her get into the college of her choice.


The Dawson County High School senior did that and then some.


After scoring an 1,870 on the college admissions test, Abe was named the high school’s STAR student.


Abe, 17, plans to attend the University of Georgia next year. A fan of athletics, she plans to pursue a career in sports marketing.


The STAR student award is presented annually by the school system and Dawsonville Lions Club to the senior who scores the highest SAT in one testing session.


“It was rewarding to find out I’d done well enough to deserve this honor,” said Abe, who as STAR student got to choose a favorite teacher.


Her selection for STAR teacher was Kelly Bond, who teaches Advanced Placement history and macroeconomics at the high school.


“Mr. Bond is the first teacher to really challenge me beyond what I thought I was capable of handling,” she said.


“He makes you interested in what he teaches, and his passion for what he teaches is evident in how successful his students are.”


Bond said Abe’s work ethic is “amazing.”


“She’s an academic beast,” he said, adding that Abe’s commitment to class projects is impressive.


“She gets focused on something, and she’s going to achieve it, and she doesn’t let go until she does. She’s an outstanding student.”


Abe plans to attend the district STAR banquet March 25 in Jasper.


The banquet features students from 12 other schools in the area, one of whom will be tapped to represent the region at the state STAR banquet.