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Southern Catholic students lend hand to local youth
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The Dawson County Library has a new tutoring program in the works for the fall that will assist students with their homework.


“It’s called the Homework Help Program. We’re working with Southern Catholic College to allow some of their students to serve as volunteer-tutors at the library,” said Dawson County Library Director Stacey Leonhardt.


Leonhardt teamed up with Carol Evanco, the vice president of student affairs at the catholic college, to recruit college students to volunteer as tutors for the library’s new program.


Southern Catholic College does not begin the fall semester until Sept. 8, so the library will have to wait until at least mid-September before the tutoring program can get up and running.


The time Southern Catholic College students volunteer will go toward completing the community service hours required to graduate.


All students of all ages will be able to receive tutoring at the library.


The goal of the program is to aid students with the parts of their homework that stumps them.


Students will be able to pinpoint their weaknesses and learn how to overcome them by working through them during their tutoring sessions.


Leonhardt believes that as family dynamics shift in our world of ever-increasing responsibilities and work, that it truly does take a village to educate a child.


“Parents work longer hours these days, so it’s important that someone is available to help kids with their homework. We want to help fill that need,” she said.


The Homework Help Program is one of many programs offered at the library.


The library’s staff has committed themselves to providing diverse methods of education and recreation for the community’s children.


“I think that it’s a very important role, by providing them with access to vast knowledge on just about every thing, we serve as another resource for children to use who want to learn outside of school and are looking for knowledge that will help them learn inside school,” said Leonhardt.


She noted that the county’s library offers many features, programs and events normally found only in larger city libraries.


“I think that kids are amazed at the things that they can find in such a small town library. They can get pretty much anything that they need here,” she added.


As for the Homework Help Program, the details are yet to be fully ironed out.


Dates, times and the number of volunteering Southern Catholic College students has yet to be determined.


“I’d like to do the program everyday, but it’s flexible as of yet,” explained Leonhardt.


In addition to recruiting catholic college students to serve as tutors, the library will also welcome community members as volunteer-tutors for the program as



To find out more information about this program or how to become a volunteer, contact Stacey Leonhardt at (706) 344-3690, Ext. 21.