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Second grader begins colorful recycling project
Encourages community to donate crayons
Crayons pic
Blake Wood made boxes to set up throughout Dawsonville for the community to donate old, worn out crayons. - photo by Photo/Michele Hester

Blake Wood doesn’t travel outside Dawsonville much.


Still, the 7-year-old wants to save the world — beginning with the thousands of crayons elementary school children toss out every summer.


After reading Ranger Rick magazine earlier this year, the second grader told his mom, Ginger, he doesn’t want to see the more than 12 million crayons manufactured each day in the U.S. find their way to landfills.


He then began to describe a nationwide recycling effort that melts down old crayons to create new Crazy Crayons.


“He told me about it several months ago and I said we’d try it later,” his mother, Ginger Wood said. “Then he came to me again last week and said he wanted to recycle his broken and worn out crayons.”


After sending his own crayons in to recycle, the second grader decided he wanted to start collecting old crayons from other children in the county to recycle.


There are now boxes set up at the Dawson County Library and Lollipop Toy Store for the community to drop off their old and worn out crayons.


Blake Wood suggests leaving the wrappers on the crayons, if possible, because “it’s hard to tell between colors like blue and green and purple,” he said.


Crayons without wrappers are also accepted.