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Science night aims to get kids excited to learn
E-Science Night pic 1
Dawson County High School student volunteer Colin Treadway demonstrates friction to Riverview Elementary students by pulling a silk tablecloth out from under dishes. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

Riverview Elementary School students got a chance earlier this month to experiment with forces of physics, chemicals and the human body.

The elementary school held its second annual Title I Science Night on Nov. 6 at Dawson County High School.

"We had science night at [Riverview Elementary] last year, but [Dawson County High School science teacher Laura Hendrix] suggested that we have it at the high school this year because the students can do so much more here," said Riverview Elementary teacher Angie Buytendorp. "Also, last year was such a big success that we needed a bigger space this year."

It was through a collaboration with Hendrix and Riverview teacher Kim Fleming that the high school was picked as the venue this year.

"We had a co-planning between Ms. Hendrix and myself," Fleming said. "We thought that it would be a good experience for the kids to see the labs and see what the high school had to offer in a different environment."

Displays and experiments included light and sound with Dawson County High School chorus teacher Spencer Wright, chemistry with Hendrix, physics demonstrations with a hover craft, friction and momentum, and health and biology.

Many of the demonstrations were run by Dawson County High School student volunteers.

"I volunteered for this. I did it last year and just thought it would be a fun day," said Dawson County High School student Colin Treadway. "I think it's good to pass on to the younger kids. They are going to have to learn it one day anyway, so we might as well make it fun for them, too."

And, in the end, that's the real reason for the science night, according to Fleming - to make kids excited about learning.

"We just wanted a different experience for the kids and to get a real science lab experience and give them something to look forward to," she said.