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Sailing into the never, never land
Children can experience the world of Peter Pan
Sail away pic
Volunteers prepare decorations for the Sail Away to Neverland childrens event happening at Bowen Center for the Arts this Saturday. - photo by Chelsea Thomas Dawson Community News

For the past week volunteers have been painting, cutting, gluing and stapling decorations all over the interior of the Bowen Center for the Arts in preparation of Saturday morning's "Sail Away to Neverland" children's event.

Each of the facilities three main rooms will be decked out with paintings and trimmings inspired by Walt Disney's "Peter Pan" storybook.

To guide the children through the tale of "Peter Pan" they will be given a treasure map that will eventually lead them to a prize.

"The entrance will allow them to come into a ship. It will look like they are boarding it. Then they will start on the left with the children's bedroom," said chairwoman Jackie Sumerville.

The children's room represents where the storybook characters Wendy, John and Michael Darling lived in London.

Mattresses will be in place for kids to jump on, just as the characters did as they were learning to fly.

The ship in the main room is the next stop. Here children will "walk the plank," locate the crocodile and meet Captain Hook, who will be played by Todd Strickland from the Dawson County Arts Council.

Actress Piper Jane Martin will play Wendy, while Peter Pan will be played by Sean Newman, who recently won awards at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta.

In the final room, representing the island of Neverland, children will find the mermaid lagoon, the Indian village and the lost boy's tree stump.

"We think the story of ‘Peter Pan' is perfect for kids because it is about not growing up," Sumerville said.

"Also, this is more focused on little boys. Because last year's ‘Madeline' event was more focused on little girls, ‘Peter Pan' is a perfect story," she said.

"Sail Away to Neverland" is at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Bowen Center for the Arts and advance reservations are required. To "leave the world behind," call (706) 216-ARTS. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children. Limited seats remain.