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Safety is top priority on Halloween
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Everyone wants their child to have a safe and happy Halloween.


The Dawson County Emergency Management Agency joins Georgia Emergency Management Agency in encouraging children and their parents to celebrate the day safely.


Dawson County Emergency Management Director Billy Thurmond offers the following basic Halloween safety recommendations:


• Children should only go trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods or in familiar areas.


• Children should be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.


• Children should not enter the homes of strangers.


• Children should carry flashlights, and wear light-colored costumes or have reflective tape on them.


• Parents or responsible adults should inspect the candies that children receive. Items that are unwrapped should be discarded, even though incidents of deliberate tampering with candy are rare.


• Motorists should be particularly cautious and watchful for children who might dart into the street.


Safe trick-or-treating creates happy memories for you and your children.