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Pumpkins benefit art
Gourds auctioned for school program
A-Pumpkin Patch pic 1
Robinson Elementary School art teacher John Lundy and students show off some of the student-designed pumpkins on sale this year at the pumpkin patch. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

The pumpkin patch is full again this year, but you don't have to travel far to get the gourds.

Robinson Elementary School opened its third annual pumpkin patch last week.

Headed by art teacher John Lundy, the patch raises money to help supplement his department's supplies, replacing various staples throughout the year, such as paper, canvas, pencils and paint that may not be replaced by the schools.

Last year, the patch raised more than $500 for the department.

Lundy said he got the idea from his twin brother, Chris, who works as the art teacher at Riverview Elementary School and put on his own patch earlier this year.
"This is my best grouping, this year," Lundy said. "We've put a lot of time into it."

Students begin the process by voting on the design they like best to represent their class.

"In class, the students give suggestions and then the class as a whole votes," Lundy said. "They all come up with the ideas and then I work on them."

Lundy said that, while most of the ideas from the students are good, he has to remind them that this is for people to buy for a fundraiser.

"Sometimes they come up with some pretty out-there ideas," he said. "We try to do ones that everyone will want to bid on."

Once the students pick a theme for each class, Lundy then begins work on each pumpkin, with some taking as short as 30 minutes, like the Hello Kitty pumpkin, and others taking upwards of six hours, such as Frozen's Anna and Elsa.

"I like when they challenge me, but I also have to remember that this is for a fundraiser," he said.

The students then cast votes for their favorite pumpkin for $0.25 each. The winning class wins an ice cream party.

Teacher and parents also bid on the pumpkins in a silent auction.

The pumpkin patch sale and voting runs through Oct. 30.