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Newly formed fishing club getting bites
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While only in its first year of activity, the Dawson County High School fishing club is already making waves.

"We heard that North Forsyth [High School] had a fishing team and I thought that, since we have the lake near us, the kids would like the club," said high school teacher and club organizer Donna Melton.

"We're trying to get fishing approved through Georgia High School Athletics, but that hasn't been approved yet, so I decided to run it through a club."

Melton said that she has been organizing different teachers to come in to demonstrate various techniques.

"We've had one teacher show them how to tie knots for fly fishing and we've also been bass fishing," she said. "I've tried to expose them to all different types of fishing."

The club has participated in several competitions already, attending one in East Hall on Nov. 3, another on Lake Lanier on March 1 and the latest on March 8 in South Carolina.

She said the club has seen as many as 10 competitors from the school join in competitions.

Melton said that the teams have been mostly successful, with fishers pulling in up to five fish per boat in the first two competitions, despite the students still being somewhat inexperienced.

"Most of our teams have no experience in tournament fishing," she said. "But I think they did really well."

Due to the club being so young, the meeting locations are set, but the practice areas are somewhat up in the air.

"We have our meetings on our club schedule," Melton said. "As far as fishing, we meet at various locations depending on what we are fishing that day."

The club is available for all high school students.

"This is a club offered here at school, so students are welcome to just join," she said. "We're affiliated with the Student Bass Federation."

With several tournaments under their belts, Melton said that the team will come back better, stronger and more experienced next year.

"This year was getting our feet wet. Now we've already got some strong leadership for next year," she said. "We've got some kids already going out and getting sponsors. We'll just be a little more organized and know what to expect for next year so we can jump in."