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Mountain Education Dawson returns to in-person classes
Mountain Education
Mountain Education Charter High School has reopened for in-person classes following a five-month hiatus due to COVID-19

Students and teachers at the Dawson County Campus of Mountain Education Charter High School have returned to for in-person classes for the first time in over five months.

According to school officials, the school reopened it’s doors on Monday, Sept. 14 with a new hybrid model of education, allowing students to learn on Mountain Education’s virtual platform or return to the campus, Monday through Wednesdays. 

“The arrival of COVID 19 certainly changed the way [Mountain Education Charter High School] students and faculty went about their daily lessons, but COVID 19 certainly never stopped them,” Mountain Education Work-Based Learning Coordinator Dianne Mayfield said in a press release. “Since the beginning of the pandemic and through the summer, MECHS has operated on a virtual platform so learning continued for all our Dawson MECHS students.”  

Mayfield said that even during the pandemic the school had 10 seniors complete their graduation requirements and held a special Drive-By graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments.

“As you can see on the faces of our students, we are Back,” she said. “We are excited to be here and wonderful things continue to take place in the lives of our students.”