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Just desserts for principals
5 Relay for Life pic
Assistant Principal Matthew Wark gets pied in the face by his boss, Principal Cindy Kinney. - photo by Frank Reddy Dawson Community News

Students at Black’s Mill Elementary School got to witness a rare treat Monday afternoon.


They got to watch the principal and assistant principal “pie” each other in the face with plates full of whipped cream.


It was part of the Relay for Life team’s fundraising efforts to benefit the American Cancer Society.


Teacher Tasha Hamil said the children were “really excited” at the chance to see the school leaders “pied in the face.”


Said Hamil: “We had containers (for Principal Cindy Kinney and Assistant Principal Matthew Wark) set up outside the media center, and the children would come everyday and drop their change in.”


Hamil said that which ever school administrator’s container had the least change would end up with pie on their face.


In the end, both got “pied” in the name of fun.


Relay for Life Community Manager Suzanne Hendricks thanked the students and teachers for their fundraising efforts.


“It’s because of people like you that the American Cancer Society is able to continue to save lives and create more birthdays,” Hendricks said.


During the event, Black’s Mill employee Gwen Hyde was honored in celebration of her final chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday.


“It’s a very important milestone,” Hendricks said, presenting Hyde with a commemorative cupcake.


For more information about American Cancer Society’s 2011 Relay for Life Dawson County, call (770) 297-1176, e-mail or visit