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History brought to life at Kilough Elementary
Students meet Abraham Lincoln
Abe Lincoln pic 2
Teresa Conowal’s second grade class poses with Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln after Lincoln’s motivational speech last week. - photo by Photo/Elizabeth Hamilton

Students at Kilough Elementary School had the opportunity to step back into time on Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday with “Honest Abe” himself.


Homer “Abe” S. Sewell III has been portraying the16th President of the United States since 1975, making more than 2,000 appearances in 46 states, performing for more than 2,000,000 people in his travels.


“I am just trying to make a difference in the lives of people today by delivering a motivating, inspirational and patriotic speech,” said Sewell.


“My favorite group to perform for is elementary students,” added Sewell, “because impacting young lives and knowing that the message I deliver could possibly help them make positive decisions is why I love doing what I do.”


From the log cabin to the White House, Sewell’s one-man show brings an entertaining look into the life and times of our 16th President. As “Abe,” Sewell takes his audiences back into history with amusing, true stories about his life and lessons he learned along the way.


He brings a powerful message to school children about the importance of staying away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and youth violence; reading a lot of good books and respecting their parents, teachers and country.


The show involves audience participation where a wealth of knowledge is delivered with the authority of a president and the wit of a country lawyer. The realism, which Sewell bestows in his shows, has received great reviews from audiences all over America


From Jasper, Sewell is a man who looks so much like Abraham Lincoln, that even without his top hat and coat, total strangers still call him Abe.


Sewell is a natural Lincoln look-alike requiring no make-up to be in character.

There are 34 coincidences between Sewell and Abe Lincoln, which make his transition into character an easy step.


Sewell says that he lives the life of Lincoln both in his personal and business life, with a strong message in every show of “Never giving up,” and “Being proud of our country.”


“This show brings the history books to life,” he commented.


“Abe” speaks to schools, churches, synagogues, temples, masonic groups, seniors, sales meetings, trade shows and many others.


For more information about Abe, or to have him as a keynote speaker for your next event, visit or e-mail Sewell at