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Fowler named Kilough Elementary teacher of the year
Fowler TOY pic 1
Dana Fowler - photo by Christine Miller

Kilough Elementary fifth grade teacher Dana Fowler was named teacher of the year for the school after teaching at Kilough for only three years.

Fowler was voted 2017-2018 teacher of the year for her dedication to see her students develop a true love of learning.

“In addition to the standards that the kids have to learn, my hope is that they will not only develop a love of learning but a mindset that they can ‘do the hard things by persevering,’” Fowler said.

Fowler studied at Georgia College and State University and received her bachelor’s degree in science for middle grades education. She then went to Troy University and received her master’s in education.

Fowler, mother of one and wife for 25 years, didn’t always want to become a teacher.

Initially she wanted a schedule that would accommodate her life and baby that was on the way. However, after she began teaching she realized that teaching is what she was made to do.

“Very quickly after I began teaching I realized that this was more of a ‘calling.’ Teaching is a way for me to have a positive influence on the life of a child,” Fowler said

When Fowler first started teaching, she taught middle school, and after her first couple of years she realized the impact she has on students.

Fowler said she has to be willing to do whatever to help her students, whether their issues are inside the classroom or not.

“After a few years of teaching middle school I started to notice that I would have students in my class that were dealing with an issue that I have dealt with at that age. Often the issue was not related to school, but would interfere with learning. I was able to help the student through the issue while teaching the subject content,” Fowler said.