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Five students earn spots on the all-state chorus
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During the March Dawson County Board of Education meeting, the board honored five Dawson County High School chorus students who were recently named to the all-state chorus under the direction of Spencer Wright.

The students-Jonathen Matthews, Casey Passmore, Sam Smith, Maggie Wright and Piper Wright-were part of a group of 6,500 students across the state of Georgia that auditioned to be a part of the chorus.

"Every child that makes all-state chorus is huge because of the numbers," said Wright. "Coming from 6,500 kids all the way down to 1,400. Essentially the kids that make it are among the best 1,400 singers in the entire state. To make that event and to be one of those is a super huge honor."

To earn the honor, students must pass two rounds of auditions. The first round is a blind audition.

"They don't know what's coming as far as the sight reading process," Wright said. "They have to prepare a solo. If they make it through that audition, the next has to do with music they will actually perform at the all-state event."

Wright said the music must be completely learned by the time they get there.

"We have some schools that are fine arts magnet schools that will have 18, 19, 20," he said. "As a regular old public school to have five is very good."

Aside from the five students who made it to the all-state chorus, two of those students, Smith and Passmore, earned the honor for the sixth straight year in a row.

"We are very proud of them," Wright said. "I am super proud of them and everything that they do."