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Findleys school history in its second printing
Findley Book pic
Retired educator Charles Findley is working to print more copies of his book “Yesterday Once More: A History of the Old Schools of Dawson County.” - photo by Photo/Submitted

The 250 copies of the first printing of “Yesterday Once More: A History of the Old Schools of Dawson County” are gone, and almost 100 of a second printing have already been ordered.


At the February meeting of the Dawson County Retired Educators Association, members voted to underwrite a second printing of 250 copies.  It is that association that receives profits from the book, authored by retired educator Charles Findley. 


The purpose of the project was to raise money to fund an annual (hopefully for at least five years) $500 scholarship for a Dawson County teacher or paraprofessional to further his/her education. The first such scholarship was presented in 2008, but the organization needs additional funds to make the project a recurring event.


Written in a colloquial style, “Yesterday Once More” contains many anecdotes resulting from Findley’s personal contacts with teachers and students who were part of those early schools and with residents who had some knowledge of where the now-vanished buildings were located.


The book also contains 290 illustrations of people and places.


Those who received the original copies were so pleased with the book that they began contacting Findley to buy books for friends and family members.


Prospective buyers were disappointed to learn that no books are presently available.  Findley assures them that additional copies should be available by March 6.


The cost of the 250-page, hardback history is $30.  It can be ordered by calling Charles Findley at (706) 265-6330 or Rebekah Oliver (president of the local Retired Educators Association) at (706) 265-2076. 


When the books arrive, the buyer will be contacted, so Findley is insistent that a book order must include a phone number and the name of a contact at that number.


A date and location for pick-up will be established.  At that time, if there are books in excess of pre-publication orders, they will be available for purchase at the $30 price.