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Event raises money for Kilough campus
Cougar Dash pic
Kilough Elementary fifth graders form a tunnel for kindergarten runners to pass under to begin their first laps of the Cougar Dash. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

Kilough Elementary had its students running laps half the day May 9.

But this wasn't punishment for acting up in class. The students were raising money for their school in the inaugural Cougar Dash.

"The whole idea was to do a fun, healthy event that would not only raise money for the school, but also heighten health awareness," said PTO member Abby Libatore. "A lot of schools do this as a way to help kids stay health conscious."

The students were split into grade level, corresponding with their usual recess time. Each grade then ran around the Kilough track for 15 minutes followed by a 15-minute break.

The dash raised $3,000 for the school. As of now, the exact use is undecided, but Libatore said it would "definitely go for something for the school."

The event was funded by and wouldn't have been possible without the help and donations of local businesses, according to Libatore.

Next year's events are already taking shape, with the dash moving to September and extended to all day.

"The whole idea is to keep growing it. And whatever we decide to use the money on, that project will also continue to grow," Libatore said. "We will keep building it year after year. This is raising money for the long term."

Libatore said that, by using the money as an expanding project, the students will feel like they have a piece in it.

"Each year, this gets built upon and the kids will feel like they have an investment in this if they see it growing with them," she said.