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Edible food science program at the library
Library Food Science pic
Audience volunteers observe the reaction as salt is poured into carbonated beverages. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

The Dawson County Library was flooded with kids looking for food, fun and learning last week during the Edible Science display.

Keisha Lambert, as "Miss Mito Chondria" and her assistant "Miss Molly Cule" treated a full room of onlookers to the science behind why foods react to each other with the Edible Science program.

"I am so excited about this, because it goes along so well with our summer reading," said Youth Services Specialist Tracy Walker, referring to the library's summer "Spark a Reaction" reading campaign.

Students participated in supervised experiments such as what happens when you put salt in carbonated drinks, gasses created by combining baking soda and vinegar, pressure buildup from antacid and water and diet soda and porous candies.

"The experiments were really fun," said Benjamin Lane, 13, one of the volunteers chosen from the audience. "I did the baking soda and vinegar with balloons experiment. When the gases blew up the balloon - the reaction was really cool."

Lane's brother, David, 7, was chosen for the antacid pressure experiment.

"I didn't know that the thing would pop," he said excitedly. "When I went to touch it, it blew up."

Summer activities at the library will be taking a small, two-week break, but will resume on Wednesdays, beginning again on July 9.

For more information about the events, call the library at (706) 344-3690.