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DCHS hosts ‘most diverse’ art show
spring art show
DCHS senior Logan Connell stands next to her display at the reception for the “Modern Renaissance” art show at the high school. - photo by Jessica Taylor

The Visual Arts Program at Dawson County High School channeled the great Italian artists for its spring art show.

“I chose ‘Modern Renaissance’ because I went on a trip to Italy a year and ago and I fell in love with it and all the art just inspired me to do it,” said senior Logan Connell.

It was the first art show Connell has directed and her art teacher, Jennifer Gray, said the Modern Renaissance theme couldn’t be more appropriate.

“She’s a Renaissance woman for sure,” said Gray.

Being a true renaissance woman, Connell dabbles in many different mediums. Although sculpture is by far her favorite, she also enjoys photography, glass blowing, wood burning, jewelry making, drawing, painting, metal working and fashion design.

With the nature of a Renaissance inspired show, the Visual Arts Program was able to incorporate the most variety of mediums they’ve had at any of their art shows.

“We’re adding a lot of nontraditional and different mediums,” said Connell.

But it wasn’t easy to pull off.

Connell said this year’s spring show was a stressful challenge because the art program had fewer students to call on for help.

“It’s been very stressful trying to get it all together in such a short time and with few people,” said Connell.

The show had the largest display of two-dimensional art pieces Gray had ever had at a show and approximately 60-75 young artists were featured.

spring art show 6
Many people came to support the arts at the annual DCHS spring art show. This year’s theme, “Modern Renaissance,” was inspired by director Logan Connell’s trip to Italy last year. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Connell and Gray were so overwhelmed with artwork that they put every board they had on display in the Performing Arts Center lobby, squeezing in as many artworks at they could.

“This is the first time I had to limit them, actually say ‘sorry we only have so much space,’ which is a great problem to have,” said Gray.

All of the hard work paid off, as the show’s reception on May 3 was a big success. Thanks to events inside the building drawing people into the show and the students generating excitement by sharing pictures of their art on social media, the show’s reception was very well attended.

“It felt so good. I felt so much better,” said Connell about the show finally coming together. “I can finally enjoy it. I can finally enjoy people coming.”

Excited parents, teachers and students perused the show, taking in all the local talent before making their way to the theater for the awards ceremony.

A popular theme of the night was “accidents into art” as several winning pieces were artworks that were not as they were originally created.

“I think the thing that I’ve seen with (Connell) more this year than anything is her taking accidents and making them into a different concept,” said Gray.

spring art show 4
Connell’s sculpture and wood piece entitled “Rose-Colored Boy” was one of the art show’s big winners, earning five ribbons at the May 3 reception. - photo by Jessica Taylor

One piece in particular showcased Connell’s ability to create something beautiful from a piece that was broken.

After working hard to create a sculpted horse, Connell had to go back to the drawing board when a student broke it. She wondered how she could salvage her project and make it something new.

“I made it look broken on purpose and added flowers coming out of it like rebirth,” said Connell.

The piece, entitled, “Rose-Colored Boy,” ended up being the show’s biggest winner, earning five ribbons.

Both Connell and Gray used that example to help other students turn their accidents into art, creating new and unique pieces and hoping to inspire students to continue pursuing art even when things go wrong.

“If you don’t think you’re good now, you’ll always be good because I was never good and then I worked my way and I stayed to it because I wanted to be good,” said Connell. “It’s always possible. If you like art, do art. It’s for yourself, not others.”

spring art show 7
Members of the community gaze at pieces created by the talented artists at DCHS. - photo by Jessica Taylor

The complete list of winners from the "Modern Renaissance" art show:


First place: “Rose-Colored Boy” by Logan Connell

Second place: “Butterfly of Happiness” by Katie Clouse

Third place: “Florence” by Katie Clouse and Ellie Harper

Honorable Mention: “Genesis” by Hope Bennett


First place: “Electric Eel” by Hope Bennett

Second place: “Room for Two” by Karley Thurmond

Third place: “Royalty” by Rachel Rajczak

Honorable Mention: “Dark Matter” by Logan Connell


First place: “Sistine” by Logan Connell

Second place: “Streets of Italy” by Karley Thurmond

Third place: “Mosaic” by Logan Connell

Fourth place: “Truth, Lie, & Balance” by Amelia Gorski

Fifth place: “Beauty Within Me” by Briana Ray

Honorable mention: “Thanks Craig: by Diana Warren


First place: “Yes I Drew This, Not It’s Not Printed Thank You” by Emily Diaz

Second place: “Koda” by Diana Warren

Third place: “Stinky Bean” by Julianne Jones

Fourth place: “Harden the Paint” by Logan Connell

Fifth place: “Renaissance” by Lauren Treadaway

Honorable mention: “Self Portrait” by Allison Venters


First place: “The Good Side” by Logan Connell

Second place: “Deadcrush” by Logan Connell

Third place: “Trinity” by Katie Goodwin

Fourth place: “Sister” by Amelia Gorski

Fifth place: “Get Free” by Logan Connell

Honorable mention: “Crybaby” by Katie Goodwin

Non-Traditional Media:

First place: “Goats in Trees” by Logan Connell

Second place: “Phases” by Logan Connell

Third place: “Butterfly of Happiness” by Katie Clouse

Honorable mention: “What is She Wearing” by Savanna Kennedy


First place: Logan Connell

Second place: Caroline Blanton

Third place: Julianne Jones

Fourth place: Katie Goodwin

Fifth place: Juleah Prichard

Honorable mention: Diana Warren

2D Most Original: “Oh Worm?” by Julianne Jones

3D Most Original: “Tin Tim” by Logan Connell

2D Woman’s Club Award: “Deer & Birds” by Lauren Treadaway

2D Woman’s Club Award: “Yes I Drew This, No It’s Not Printed Thank You” by Emily Diaz

2D Bowen Art Center Award: “A Little Dancing Can Bring a Smile Out” by Briana Ray

3D Bowen Art Center Award: “Rose-Colored Boy” by Logan Connell

2D Superintendent Award: “Self Portrait” by Allison Venter

2D Administration Award: “Yes I Drew This, No It’s Not Printed Thank You” by Emily Diaz

2D Administration Award: “Koda” by Diana Warren

2D Alumni Choice: “Yes I Drew This, No It’s Not Printed Thank You” by Emily Diaz

3D Alumni Choice: “Rose-Colored Boy” by Logan Connell

2D Student Choice: “Rivers & Roads” by Logan Connell

3D Student Choice: “Rose-Colored Boy” by Logan Connell

2D Faculty Choice: “Yes I Drew This, No It’s Not Printed Thank You” by Emily Diaz

3D Faculty Choice: “Rose-Colored Boy” by Logan Connell