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DCHS Chamber Singers to perform with Foreigner
I-DCHS Chamber
DCHS Chamber Singers-Alexis Bagley, Lauren Poss, Jack Trammell, Spencer Wright, Waukyna Passmore, Bronwynn Hill and Jonathan Matthews of the Dawson County High School Chamber Singers are preparing for their opportunity to sing backup for the band Foreigner during a concert on July 29 at Chastain Park.

Dawson County High School Chamber Singer Alexis Bagley literally lost her voice because of an opportunity to sing.

Bagley screamed when Director Spencer Wright informed the chamber singers-in front of the crowd gathered for their concert-that they had won a contest to sing on stage with the band Foreigner.

"I lost my voice when I found out because he told us at our concert and we had just sang seven songs and then I screamed and lost my voice for a couple of days after that," Bagley said recalling the moment.

"We get to sing with Foreigner, what could be more exciting?" said Jack Trammell.

Foreigner is a British-American rock band known for being one of the world's best-selling bands of all time.

Their worldwide sales top 80 million records.

The contest was put on by radio station 97.1, the River.
The station put out the call for high school-aged choirs to submit auditions of the groups singing a Foreigner song.

"We put together a real quick arrangement of ‘I Want to Know What Love is" and videoed it, uploaded it to YouTube and put the link on the web site," Wright said. "I have no idea how many different choirs auditioned."

Their rendition earned them the opportunity to perform on stage this summer at Chastain Park.

Wright said he first heard about the contest on the radio and a couple of friends texted to let him know about it.

He presented the idea to his kids and the group learned the song.

"I love Foreigner," Wright said. "I had to explain to them who Foreigner was."

Bagley said she knew the song from a Swiffer commercial.

"We are Americans that love Foreigner," said Jonathan Matthews.

Winning the contest means that 25 of the 46 that are in the group will travel on July 29 to see the concert that will feature Foreigner along with Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience.

"I think they will have a really good time when they get there. I think they will be surprised by how many songs they know from both Cheap Trick and Foreigner," Wright said.

Wright has been in contact with the tour manager to find out details.

"They will take us back stage about three songs before and get us lined up as to where we are going to be. When they start then they will lead us out on stage," Wright said.

The rock group is also making a $500 donation to the DCHS chamber singers.

Tickets for the concert are still available online by going to