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Dawson County students excel on the ACT
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The news for Georgia schools is good and even better for Dawson County High School.

For the first time, Georgia's statewide average on the ACT beat the national average and students from Dawson County High School scored above both the state and national averages, according to a Georgia Department of Education report released last week.

The ACT is one of the leading college admissions tests with 1.8 million graduates taking the test each year.

The test covers English, math, writing, reading and science. The highest score a student can achieve is a 36 on each individual section. The sections are averaged for an overall composite score.

"We are encouraged by an increase in ACT scores in Dawson County," said Superintendent of Dawson County Schools Damon Gibbs. "We are more encouraged by the efforts of our team as they continue to meet the academic needs of our high school students."

Georgia's average composite score was 21.1, while the national average on the test was 20.8.

DCHS students had an average score of 21.7.

Students in Georgia scored the same as the national average in mathematics and outperformed the nation in English, reading and science.

In 2015 Georgia was 28th nationwide and 30th in 2014. During 2016 Georgia moved up-outperforming 26 states and tying with one other.

"Georgia students are outpacing the nation on the ACT, even as more of our high schoolers take the test," State School Superintendent Richard Woods said in a release. "This reaffirms one of the core goals of our strategic plan, to increase the percentage of high school graduates who are college and/or career ready. It is also a testament to the hard work of our students and teachers, and to the collaborative efforts that are advancing child-centered, classroom-focused policies in the state of Georgia."