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Dawson County Schools to close week of March 16 due to coronavirus
Board of Education Sign.JPG
The Board of Education building at 28 Main Street. - photo by Jessica Taylor

In light of Gov. Brian Kemp’s call to action regarding COVID-19, Dawson County Schools will be closed from March 16 through March 20, Dawson County School Superintendant Damon Gibbs announced on Friday. 

Gibbs said in a press release that the decision was made in consultation with neighboring school districts, the Department of Public Health and the Georgia Department of Education, and the school system will continue to evaluate the situation moving forward.

“The district will monitor the situation closely to determine if this closure should be extended beyond this week,” Gibbs said. “The situation is ever-changing and we are committed to providing you with information and updates throughout the closure.”

During the closures, the school system will utilize Schoology, their online learning platform. Each school will communicate specific information to each grade level and subject area.

“Where this does not replicate student learning in the classroom, it is an effective method to ensure continuity of learning under difficult circumstances,” Gibbs said.

Dr. Kathleen Toomey, Commissioner of Georgia Department of Public Health, said in the release that protecting the district’s families is critical.

“It is the right decision to move forward aggressively to make sure that those who are most vulnerable can be protected,” Toomey said.

All extracurricular activities, sports, practices and field trips for Dawson County Schools are postponed indefinitely as of March 13.

Students will be allowed to retrieve personal materials from the school on Friday, March 13, and Monday, March 16, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. March 16 will be a workday for all school staff, and additional information will be provided at that time.

For updates on the situation, visit the school system’s website at