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Criminal Justice students get real world experience in mock trial
mock trial 1
Criminal Justice students at Dawson County High School perform a mock trial involving a stolen Corvette on Dec. 12 in the College and Career Academy. The mock trial allowed the students to learn firsthand about the roles inside the courtroom. - photo by Jessica Taylor
Judge Ben McGinnis banged the gavel and asked for order in the court after the verdict was read. Defendant Jacob Sheffield was found not guilty of stealing a red 2004 Corvette from the plaintiff, Rylee Edgil. Then moments later, the bell rang and it was time for courtroom to be dismantled and for its inhabitants to go to their next class of the day. It was an exciting morning for Criminal Justice teacher Jeff Perry’s students as they suited up in their best courtroom attire on Dec. 12 to conduct a mock trial inside the College and Career Academy.