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Cook, Bennett begin new roles
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The Dawson County Board of Education elected new leadership at its meeting last week.

The Jan. 14 meeting marked the end of school board member Elaine Wilson's time as chairwoman.

"Mrs. Wilson did an excellent job as the board of education chairperson this past year," said School Superintendent Keith Porter. "She made it a priority to recognize the efforts of our faculty and staff during meetings, but also after the meetings as well."

The board voted Doris Cook to move into the role for 2013, following her service as vice-chair for the 2012 year.

"I appreciate the confidence the other board members have in me," Cook said.

"As a board, we make a good team. We are always able to discuss issues and even if we don't share the same opinion, we don't argue or hold grudges - we always ask: ‘What is best for our kids? There is a lot of respect for each other and a lot of respect for the jobs that our administrators, principals and staff are doing each and every day. '"

Cook also said that, despite the potential challenges, she was looking forward to serving this year.

As her first official act for the current year, Cook took nominations for a vice chair to serve during her term. The board voted unanimously for long-time board member Cecil Bennett.

"I appreciate all the confidence the citizens of Dawson County have shown for me all the years," Bennett said.

"I have been blessed to try to serve to the best of my ability all these years."

"We are fortunate to have an experienced board and all have served in a leadership position on the board," Porter said.

"Mrs. Cook and Mr. Bennett have been in the roles of chairperson and vice-chair previously, so the transition will be seamless."