BREAKING: Dawsonville man indicted on felony murder charge following wife’s 2023 death
The local man was initially booked for elder cruelty in March 2023.
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Celebrity Reader Day held at Robinson Elementary
Celebrity Reader pic
Herbert Robinson, retired Dawson County educator, volunteered at Celebrity Reader Day at Robinson Elementary School. Robinson read two short stories from "Christmas Stories from the Heart," by Alice Gray. Robinson took questions from the children and explained to them the history of Thanksgiving. - photo by Photo/Tia Lynn Lecorchick

Celebrities flocked to Robinson Elementary School Friday for Celebrity Reader Day.


But instead of movie stars and rock stars filling the classrooms, a band of dedicated parents, teachers, school board members, county employees, local business employees, and other community members came together to promote reading among Robinson's students.


"The people who share with our kids and invest time into our kids are our celebrities," said Joyce Millwood, media specialist for Robinson.


The all day event drew over 50 readers. Participants were encouraged to choose their favorite book and read excerpts from it to a class. 


Among the readers was Herbert Robinson, who the school was named in honor of. Robinson, 91, read two short stories from "Christmas Stories From the Heart," by Alice Gray. Robinson engaged the children by allowing them to ask questions. He discussed the origins of Thanksgiving and how it evolved into the national holiday that it is today.


Megan Brewton, 9, amazed at Robinson's storytelling, shot her hand in the air to ask a question.


"How do you remember all this stuff?" she asked.


"Because I am the best rambler in the world," joked Robinson.


The class laughed and continued to ask all sorts of questions about Robinson and his knowledge of history, the holidays and the local community.


"This program really gets the kids interested in reading and curious about the lives of the guest readers," said Millwood.


Each year, community members gather at local elementary schools to promote reading among young people. According to Millwood, the schools hope to rouse children's interest by exposing them to diverse forms of reading materials.

  "We want our kids to realize that reading is a lifetime activity and that people of all ages and all professions enjoy reading. The love of reading is the basis for everything else," said Millwood.