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A Light in the Attic
Students display best works of art
DCHS Art Show pic1
Senior Nichol Lafontaine talks about some of the artwork at the biannual student art show last week at Dawson County High School. - photo by Frank Reddy Dawson Community News

Young artists got the chance to show off some of their best work last week during Dawson County High School’s biannual art show.


Last week’s event, “A Light in the Attic,” featured wheel pottery, sculpture, hand-built pottery, watercolor, acrylic and oil, colored pencil, pencil, mixed media and crayon and pastel submissions.


“We get all different types of art every time we do this,” said Nichol Lafontaine, a senior and first place winner of the wheel pottery category.


Other wheel pottery winners included Kenzie Myers, second place, and Daniel Hendrix, honorable mention.


Sculpture winners were Kelly Maradiaga, first place; Teia Betsill, second place; Sara Grogan, third place; Vincent Chase, fourth place; and Sara Grogan, honorable mention.


Hand-built pottery: Eve Perkins, first place and Kelly Maradiaga, honorable mention.


Watercolor: Rachel Clanton, first place, Allie Dean, second place; Teia Betsill, third place; Emma Salmela, fourth place; and Ally Hill, honorable mention.


Acrylic and oil: Allie Dean, first place and Teia Betsill, honorable mention.


Colored pencil: Kristina Erisman, first place; Stephanie Lefler, second place; Sydney Crumley, third place; and Colin Bennett, honorable mention.


Pencil: Lora Brown, first place; Teia Betsill, second place; Clay Bennett, third place; Colin Bennett, fourth place; and Rachel Clanton, honorable mention.


Mixed media: Teia Betsill, first place; Kristina Erisman, second place; and Teia Betsill, honorable mention.


Crayon and pastel: Kristina Erisman, first place and Kayla Matheus, honorable mention.