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WInning Lottery Ticket Sold Here
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Dawson County has a lucky new multi-millionaire, according to officials with the Georgia Lottery.

Gerard Kaizer purchased a $30 scratch-off ticket in the "Max the Money" at Leon's Food Mart in Cumming on Thursday, March 12th. According to Store Owner, Sam Budhani, Kaizer made the purchase and took the ticket to his car.

"He came back in and said, 'I won seven million dollars. This will change my life'," Budhani said. "Everybody was shocked".

Budhani described Kaizer as a regular customer, in his late 40s, who buys tickets a few times a week at the store.

"This is the first time it's been this big," Budhani said of his fifteen years as owner. "We had a Fantasy 5 winner a few years ago.

Store employee, Olga McDonald, who has been with Leons five months, said she remembers another winner.

There's been a $1,000 winner and a $500 winner," McDonald said. "Right now, there's only one left," referring to Max the Money tickets sales Tuesday afternoon.

Famous for its milkshakes and ice cream, Leon's is popular with residents of Dawson, Cherokee, and Forsyth counties due to its location at 5410 Matt Highway.

"Everybody loves coming here," Budhani said. "We have everything from pig ears to bait to milkshakes. Now we are famous for winning lottery tickets."

Unlike other lottery games where store owners receive money for having sold the winning ticket, Budhani does not. He is gracious, though.

"I am very glad someone won from our neighborhood," Budhani said.

Kaizer claimed his prize, less $1.5 million in taxes, at a Georgia Lottery District Office, located in Duluth, on Friday the 13th. The mysterious millionaire is "trying to remain anonymous" by maintaining a low profile.