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Two arrested in connection with 2012 arson
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Two people have been arrested in connection with an April 2012 residential fire, and a warrant has been issued for a third person.

This information comes from the office of Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens.

James Henry Raines, 31, of Dawsonville, was arrested Feb. 28 on charges of arson in the first degree, and a probation violation. Gloria Ann Raines, 31, of Dawsonville, was also arrested on charges of making false statements, concealment of facts, and a probation violation.

The third person, William P. Thurmond, 45, is being sought in connection with the case, according to Glen Allen with the insurance commissioners office. The warrant for Thurmond is for arson in the first degree, making false statements and concealment of facts.

The fire was on April 6, 2012 at 357 Diane Lane, a property the Raines were apparently renting. They were being evicted, Allen confirmed.

The narrative does not go into how the fire started, he continued. But the fire was set intentionally. Allen said the estimated damage was $100,000.

Gloria Raines has made bond, while James Raines remains in the Dawson County Detention Center, according to records from the sheriffs office.

Dawson County Fire Chief Tim Satterfield has said that additional information on the case is not being released before all arrests have been made.