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Toddler saves home

Thanks to an alert 3-year old named Pax Garrett, a Dawson County home is still standing following a fire that could have destroyed everything.

It was Pax who alerted his father, Nilsson Garrett, that their neighbors home was going up in flames Wednesday night, March 26.

Because of him, we were able to get there quick and put the fire out, Fire Investigator Stephen Knowles said.

The Dogwood Way home in the Chestatee subdivision was heavily damaged, but not destroyed, Dawson County Emergency Services Chief Lanier Swafford said.

The fire was reported at about 8 p.m. Wednesday night, Swafford said.

According to Knowles, sparks from the fireplace started the blaze. They (the residents) have wooden shingles, and the sparks got on the roof and lit the roof on fire, he said. The residents were not aware the house was on fire because there was no smoke inside the home; smoke detectors did not activate.

Nilsson Garrett said he was at home when Pax alerted him of the blaze.

Im sitting in the living room playing with him, and he says to me, Daddy, that house is on fire, Garrett said of his son.

Garrett said at first he was puzzled by what his son said. But then he followed him to the window and saw the flames for himself. Garrett immediately called 911.

Knowles said Paxs actions saved the familys home. As a reward, Pax got to hang out at the fire station Thursday night.

We wanted to let him see the fire station and thank him for what he did, Knowles said. I think he did a very good job and were very proud of him.

Pax got to tour Fire Station 2, located on Hwy. 53, hang out on the fire truck and even spray water with the fire hose. He also got his own firemans helmet to wear.

Im super-proud of him; hes so awesome, Paxs father said. They told me the house wouldve gone up if it werent for him.