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Time to vote for best of Dawson County
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Best of

The Dawson News & Advertiser has launched its annual BEST OF Dawson County contest.

Ballots are dueFriday, Aug. 15, at 5 p.m.

The contest gives readers an opportunity to vote for what they consider the best of everything in Dawson County -- whether its where they get the best sweet tea, best pizza, or best barbecue.

But its not all about the food.

Readers also can vote for their favorite hair salon, teacher, firefighter, or elected official.

For example, the newspapers first ballot was received Friday, Aug. 1, from reader David Jordan, pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church.

And he won $25.

Jordan said in the category under best boss, he had an idea.

I thought Id vote for God, he said, not joking, and with a wide grin.

Last year, we received more than 500 ballots, Kimberly Boim, editor and publisher of the paper, said. Its really incredible how loyal our readers are to the businesses they like. And its quite a compliment to the business owners to be voted best by their customers.

Winners receive a photograph of themselves and a special certificate of recognition from the paper.

Winners are announced in a special editionon Sept. 24.

For details of the contest, and to complete your ballot, see page 10A