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State School Chief visits DCMS
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Dr. Barge

High test scores at Dawson County Middle School prompted a visit from the state superintendent, Dr. John Barge.

Barge toured the school on Thursday with principal Dr. Mark Merges and Dawson County Superintendent Keith Porter.

The CCRPI scores were some of the highest in the state for a middle school, Porter said.

CCRPI, which stands for College and Career Ready Performance Index, is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability and communication platform for educational stakeholders that promote college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students, according to the Georgia Department of Education website. DCMS scored a 92 on the CCRPI. Dawson County Middle and Riverview Middle combined placed in the top 13 percent of the state.

Barge had a busy tour. He sat in on English, math, history, music and consumer science classes. He spoke with teachers and with students about their studies. He was serenaded by the choir with Christmas music and saw students make presentations on entrepreneurship. He also watched students solve math problems as well as write speeches on what inspires them.

Expecting the best is something that Merges thinks brings high marks to DCMS.

We do a lot of things, but weve been consistent, and we have high expectations, Merges said of the schools test scores.

Barge complimented DCMS on its high test scores.

Just looking at the data, how well the school is performing on a number of things, including the statewide accountability system, Barge said.

He also noticed the schools high expectations. Things like percentages of students getting into the exceeds category on the CRCT, Barge said. So its not just getting them to pass the test, its getting them into that exceeds category.

Barge also noted the use of technology at DCMS.

I saw a lot of good, dedicated teachers using technology to engage students, he said.