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Sheriff's office advises to call in suspicious activity
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The Dawson County Sheriffs Office is advising citizens to use caution during the holiday season and to call in suspicious activity, no matter how small it may seem.

On Dec. 8, a Dawsonville woman told deputies after she received a package delivery, she noticed a dark colored car parked across from her home. A few minutes later the woman said someone approached her door and began to fiddle with her doorknob. According to Dawson County Sheriffs Maj. Tony Wooten, when the woman approached the door, the man fled.

The woman told deputies she saw two other men in the car as it fled the neighborhood.

Wooten said the sheriffs office has received at least one other similar call. He advises people to call if they see suspicious activity.

If you think somethings wrong, dont open the door (to your home). Call us and let us check it out.

Wooten hopes social media is helping get the word out about incidents like this.

Facebook shows 33,312 in the total reach alert in roughly 24 hours and 742 shares, Wooten said about the incident being posted to Dawson County Sheriffs Office Facebook page.

Putting this stuff out there is alerting people, which now when they see the suspicious activity to call us when it happens. It may be what theyre there for is a valid reason, but give us an opportunity to find that out.

If you see any suspicious activity, Wooten advises to call 911 or call 706-344-3636.