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Murder suspect granted bond
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The second of two men indicted by a Dawson County grand jury last month in connection with the murder of Alan Bradon Weaver has been granted bond.

Tory Jude Miguez, 25, on Monday was granted bond in the amount of $35,000. Superior Court Judge Jason Deal Judge signed the bond petition, according to court records.

Miguez is accused of two counts of aggravated assault by acting as a party to the crime of shooting Weaver on Nov. 22, 2014, and by striking another person with a handgun, according to court documents.

Miguez also faces an additional charge of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony crime.

Court records show there were 14 conditions attached to Miguezs bond order including: the defendant shall have no contact with the co-defendant, Herman James Seppenfield, or other witnesses with the exception of Heather Seppenfield; no contact with victims family; electronic monitoring with a robocuff; random drug screening; the defendant shall not possess any weapon of any kind or use any alcoholic beverage or narcotic; shall not associate with per- sons who have been convict- ed of violating the law, and seven other conditions.

Miguez is currently being represented by Attorneys Gerald P. Verzaal and Marc Clark, both of Cartersville. Earlier, he was represented by Dawson County Public Defender Rob McNeil.