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Man tries to burn home down
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Five days after a woman alerted deputies her husband wanted to burn down their home he was arrested on Monday morning.

Michael Glenn Odum, 42, was arrested and charged with felony criminal attempt, felony intent to commit second-degree arson, felony criminal damage to property, and reckless conduct, a misdeameanor.

On May 8, Odum's wife and her 19-year old son witnessed him pour gasoline around the home and in the kitchen, Wooten said.

"The man (Odum) told the occupants they needed to get out because he was going to burn the house down," Wooten said.

Odum was arrested Monday morning just outside the residence on Thurmond Road between 7a.m. and 8 a.m.

When deputies and the fire department responded they could smell gasoline in the residence.

Odum was also found with a lighter in his possession.

He is being held at the Dawson County Detention Center and as of Tuesday morning had not been released.