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Man robbed at knifepoint after meeting online date
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Online Date

Three people have been arrested in connection with luring a man from a dating website to a Dawson County home where he was robbed at knifepoint and later kidnapped.

It was only after the victim faked an emergency medical situation, that he was able to get away, said Dawson County Sheriffs Capt. Tony Wooten.

The incident occurred between 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesday.

Arrested were Jennifer Nicole Boyette, 29, of Dawsonville; Donald Ray Johnsey Jr., 42, of Dawsonville; and Jimmy Wayne Morris, 26, of Dawsonville.

Boyette is charged with armed robbery and possession of a controlled substance. Johnsey is charged with simple assault, armed robbery and theft by receiving stolen property.

For his part, Morris is charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, theft by taking and simple assault.

The male victim met Boyette through a dating website, officals said. Boyette invited the victim to a home in Dawsonville, where the alleged crime ensued.

She led the victim into the bedroom and told him to wait, and she exited the room, Wooten said. Two men then entered the room. One was carrying a knife and other a hammer.

The victim was robbed of $140 cash. In addition, business checks, childrens video games and movies, and fold-out camping chairs were taken from his vehicle.

After the victim was robbed inside the house, Mr. Morris allegedly kidnapped the victim and forced him at knifepoint to drive to a convenience store to have him withdraw cash, Wooten said.

While in the parking lot, the victim faked a medical emergency, he said.

He did what he thought was best at the time and it worked, Wooten said. Mr. Morris exited the vehicle to search the trunk and the victim drove off.

Wooten said deputies did a good job apprehending the violent suspects.

The victim, although embarrassed about the situation, still reported to deputies because he felt like the next victim could be hurt or even killed, Wooten said. This was a very serious situation.

Boyette, Johnsey and Morris remain incarcerated in the Dawson County Detention Center.

Separately, a woman was robbed of her purse after meeting a man online.

The incident occurred in the Gold Creek subdivision in Dawson County, at approximately 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 26.

A female met a male online and once they got into a vehicle he pulled a firearm and took her purse, Wooten said. His intent was obviously to rob her.

No suspects have been arrested and the incident remains under investigation.