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Man impersonates border patrol agent
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A Dahlonega man is in trouble with authorities in both Dawson and Lumpkin counties after impersonating a border patrol officer at various locations of business.

Donald Lee Hill, 53, was originally arrested by Lumpkin County officials Aug. 29, charged with theft by shoplifting at the Dahlonega Walmart. While Lumpkin County was investigating the case, they had found out that Hill had identified himself as a border patrol agent at Dawsonville Gun & Pawn, said Lt. Ray Goodie with the Dawson County Sheriffs Office. So they notified us, and we started the investigation.

According to Goodie, Hill had identified himself as a federal officer at the store on multiple occasions between May and July of this year. Goodie could not confirm whether or not Hill made any purchases during that time.

The sheriffs office is also unaware whether or not Hill had identified himself as a border patrol agent in any other Dawson-based businesses.

A report in the Dahlonega Nugget indicates that Hill may be facing similar charges in White County, as well.

Hill was charged by Dawson authorities Sept. 12, and was then released on bond. He was re-arrested by Lumpkin authorities Sept. 14 due to information they had received that he was a convicted felon.

When he was originally arrested at the Dahlonega Walmart, he had reportedly attempted to steal several dog bones. Hill then identified himself to arresting officers as a border patrol agent, information which was then later denied by Homeland Security.

After the arrest was originally reported in the Dahlonega Nugget, a reader recognized Hill as a man who had entered her fathers house in mid-April. Hill allegedly walked into the house without knocking and identified himself as a border patrol agent.

A search of Hills home in Lumpkin turned up multiple guns. He has since been charged by Lumpkin authorities with a total of nine counts of possession of firearm by a convicted felon.

Dahlonega Nugget reporter Matt Aiken contributed to this story.