Lawyers for Daniel Roberts file for change of venue
Attorneys for Daniel Lee Roberts, the defendant accused of killing Kaleb Duckworth in 2021, have filed for a change of venue in their client's case.
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Know the score when it comes to dining in Dawson County
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Health Department Inspection Scores

The health department inspection scores are out, and at least one of Dawsonville's restaurants may not be as appetizing as you thought.

Perfect scores were earned by 18 different food service entities in the county, four establishments scored 99s, 10 garnered 98s, two hit 97, three earned 96, six checked out with 95s, four scored 94, four received 93s, a score of 92 was given to three food service establishments, six made the cut with 91s and four earned a respectable score of 90. There were several establishments that scored between 80 and 89, nine to be exact. Only Waffle House #1413 off Highway 53 earned a score below 80 with a 72. Check out the table below to know the score of your favorite restaurant.

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