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Jury duty scam targets residents
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A phone scam involving jury duty is targeting Dawson County residents.

Dawson County Public Information Officer Tony Wooten said the sheriffs office last week received at least three reports from residents saying someone called them claiming to be from the sheriffs office and saying that a warrant was out for their arrest after failingto arrive for jury duty.

Wooten said the caller, a man, referred to himself as Lt. Martin. We do have a Lt. Martin, Wooten said. But she is a woman.

According to Wooten, the caller told victims a warrant was out for their arrest, and they need to pay a fine over the phone. They are basically trying to scam to get credit and debit card information, Wooten said.

Part of the scam is that the caller sounds threatening and tells the victims they will be in trouble if they dont pay the fine.

Wooten said if there is a warrant out for a persons arrest, he or she would be notified in person, not by telephone. Also, warrantscannot be paid off like a ticket. Theres no way to pay your way out of a warrant, Wooten said.

Clerk of Courts Justin Power said someone came to his office after falling victim to the scam. She lost $1,000, Power said.

Power said he has heard of the scam in counties across the state.

Power and Wooten warned residents not to give out any financial information over the phone. Id ask for a name and number to call backjust to confirm that they work where they say they work. And then hang up immediately, Power said. He advised residents to then call the clerk of courts office to confirm whether or not they had jury duty. I hope residents do not fall prey to this. I dont want to see anybodyin that shape, Power said.

Wooten also said anyone who has received a call like this is asked to contact the sheriffs office at706-344-3535. To reach theclerk of courts office, you may call706-344-3410.