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Good Shepherd Dental Clinic opens
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Good Sheperd Dental Clinic

After more than a years worth of planning, the Good Shepherd Medical Clinic has begun providing free dental services to qualified Dawson County residents.

"We have 200 people signed up for dental care, Clinic Medical Director Dr. Larry Anderson said. We are doing fillings and extractions at this point, and no cosmetic dentistry.

Qualified Dawson County residents living at or below the poverty line may be eligible to receive free dental care at the clinic.

We are getting back to basic oral hygiene with a goal of making it comfortable for people to chew and digest food again, Anderson said. Thats a big deal."

One patient we saw today had an abscessed tooth that we treated with antibiotics. It makes you wonder how long people have been suffering.

Tooth problems can interfere with the overall health of a patient simply because they cant afford the care.

Currently, the dental side of the clinic has one dentist, Dr. James McSweeney who volunteered to be part of the original

committee looking for dental volunteers.

We now have a wonderful facility where he can work, Anderson said.

The dental clinic needs additional dentist volunteers, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. To volunteer or request services, contact Clinic Director, Penny Putnam, 706-429-9914.

The Good Shepherd Clinic is located at 200 Dawson Dr., Suite 200, Dawsonville.