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GLOCK event attracts more than 600 shooters to River Bend Gun Club

GLOCK firearms were the weapons of choiceand requirementat the Riverbend Gun Club.

More than 600 sharpshooters and novices alike congregated at the gun club in Dawson County for the River Bend Ballistic Challenge VI, a competition sponsored by the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation.

Competitors spent Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, at the gun club and went through different stations of challenges. Scores are calculated by accuracy and timing.

To compete, the only requirement was to use a GLOCK firearm.

The event is River Bend Gun Club's largest event of the year, Phil Alexander, a gun club member coordinating the event, said. It attracts competitors from all over the United States.

While a GLOCK competition may sound intimidating to some, the firearm company is working to promote the event as safe and family-friendly. It's also a good opportunity for a first-time shooter.

"This is one of the safest sports you can participate in," Alexander, said. "Even young kids can shoot at these things (events)."

Alexander said he thought the youngest competitor at this year's competition was 8 years old.

To ensure safety, GLOCK has expert volunteers at each station making sure every shooter is properly handling his firearm.

The top prize was a GLOCK pistol.

The River Bend Gun Club has been in Dawson County since 1984, Club Manager Bill Bittman said.

The club began in 1958, starting out in Roswell near the 285 crossing.

The piece of land it found is what brought the club to Dawson County.

Located on 321 acres just off Hubbardsville Circle, the club has 12 ranges where members can shoot. The club is open 365 days a year.

"If you get a new gun for Christmas just come out and have at it," Bittman said.

While you have to be a member to attend the club at your leisure, Bittman said there are about 175 events the club sponsors during the year that are open to the public.

For information on becoming a member or a listing of events, visit the club's website at