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Georgia fuel second lowest in country
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Dawson County residents, like people in most of the state, are enjoying the lowest gas prices in nearly four years.

Gas prices are still falling, Josh Carrasco, AAA Auto Club spokesman, said. There is still room for the price at the pump to drop in the short term. We could see prices slide another 5 to 15 cents by the end of the year.

Prices fell 33 cents per gallon in October, the steepest decline since 2008. Much of the decline can be attributed to falling prices of crude oil, which accounts fortwo-thirds of the cost of gasoline. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) has dropped more than $25per barrel since this years peak price of $107.73on June 20.The price for a barrel of WTI closed at $80.54 on Friday, down slightly from last weeks close of $81.27.

Dahlonega resident Taylor Phillips was pumping gas Monday at the Kangaroo in downtown Dawsonville on his way to Cumming.Gas at the station was $2.88 per gallon.

Prices are a lot better than they used to be, he said. It makes me happy, and it makes my wallet feel a little bit heavier.

The national average forregular unleaded gasoline fell Saturday below $3 pergallon for the first time since Dec. 22, 2010.More than60percent of U.S. gas stations are selling gas for less than$3 a gallon.

Motorists in the Southeast are enjoying some of the cheapestgas prices in the country -- Georgia ranks second, Tennessee 12th, and Florida 20th.

Abundant oil supplies, winter-blend fuelsand low demand continue to place downward pressure on gas prices, Carrasco said. Crude-oil prices seem to be leveling out, which may put the brakes on significant drops in gasoline prices, but we havent hitthe bottom yet.

South Carolina has the cheapest gas in the country where on Monday the average price was $2.72, according to Carrasco.