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Coptic church purchases college
9WB1 PHOTO BY Kimberly Boim The Christian Coptic Orthordox Church last week purchased 100 acres in Dawson County with plans to create its first convent in the southeast
coptic church

A religious group has purchased 100-acres inside the Gold Creek subdivision formerly known as the Southern Catholic College property.

The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt formalized the agreement on Wed., Nov. 26, and plans to use the property as a convent, according to local officials,

I think theyll be a valuable asset to our community, Dawson County Commission Chair Mike Berg said. They have strong Christian beliefs; the neighborhood is happy with them, and they are very nice folks.

Berg said he was invited to meet with the group shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday.

They gave us a history lesson, and I was very impressed, he said. Their beliefs fall in line with the Catholic Church.

The property includes a conference center, eight villas, a swimming pool, and undeveloped land.

The purchase price was unavailable at presstime.

According to a church website, the Coptic Church regards itself as a strong religious entity that prides itself on contributions to the Christian world and as a strong defendant of Christian faith. It is based on the teachings of Saint Mark who brought Christianity to Egypt during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero in the first century. The head of the church is the Pope of Alexandria. There are 12 - 18 million members worldwide.

Locally, there are two other coptic orthodox churches: Roswell and Suwanee. The Dawson County convent will be the first in the southeast.